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Crafting Future Web Solutions

Crafting Future Web Solutions empowers businesses with cutting-edge software tailored to meet evolving online demands, ensuring seamless navigation and optimal user experiences.
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Our Software Business Approach

Outcome-driven Software

Outcome-driven software focuses on delivering tangible results and meeting specific goals, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every development phase.

The human element

Exceptional team drives success

Achieve success with our exceptional team's expertise and dedication. Together, we drive innovation and excellence in software solutions.

Our Core Values


Genuineness is the cornerstone of our values, reflecting authenticity, sincerity, and integrity in all our actions and interactions.


Fostering harmony and collaboration, we embrace diversity to achieve shared goals and strengthen our bonds as a community.


Appreciation is our guiding principle, fostering a culture of recognition and gratitude, where every contribution is acknowledged and valued.


Guiding our actions with transparency and precision, ensuring clear understanding and purpose in all endeavors.


Our guiding beacon, igniting creativity and driving excellence in all endeavors, fostering innovation and growth.


Our unwavering commitment to excellence in delivering exceptional support and satisfaction to every customer, every time.

Trusted by


Ravina Rao

Chief Operating Officer
Ravina manages the business operations of the firm, which encompasses sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Mohit Kumar

CEO & CO-Founder
Leading Product Management, Design, and Marketing worldwide, Mohit oversees core products and features as CEO.

Priti Sundrani

Chief Financial Officer
Priti serves as the CFO of Stratus, overseeing finance, facilities, and IT teams across nationwide locations.

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