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Ctrig provides first-class managed cybersecurity solutions to protect every aspect of your organisation and to help your company build up a strong resilience to cyber threats. As an award-winning managed IT services provider, we have the advanced threat intelligence tools and expert knowledge to deliver the industry’s best cybersecurity solutions.

  • Ctrig delivers cybersecurity solutions globally
    Ctrig provides cybersecurity services worldwide that offers comprehensive protection for businesses in the region. By providing high-tech solutions, businesses of all sizes can ensure that their sensitive data is secure across operations and networks. Additionally, cybersecurity experts can provide consultancy services to help companies better understand their cybersecurity needs and potential threats. Not only does this help businesses remain compliant, but it also strengthens risk mitigation measures so that data remains safe from malicious actors. With the ever-increasing threats against cybersecurity, trust a cybersecurity provider in London to keep your business protected. Our customers benefit from our cyber security services which includes:
    • Rapid response times
    • Comprehensive monitoring and responses
    • Certified cyber security expertise
    CloudTech24 offers comprehensive cybersecurity services and solutions to meet the individual needs of any organization.
    From managed cybersecurity services to advanced endpoint protection, they provide tailored solutions to increase network security, reduce the risk of malicious attacks, and protect against potential data losses.
    Their cybersecurity experts prioritize proactive cybersecurity strategies that can accurately detect and respond to new threats and help organizations stay ahead of the curve.
    For businesses looking for an all-in-one cybersecurity solution that takes into account their unique requirements, a cybersecurity provider in London is a perfect choice.
    The most powerful cybersecurity solutions combine multiple layers of protection across all devices, and advanced multi-layered protection against cyber attacks is essential.
    Ctrig takes proactive steps to improve your cybersecurity by providing assurance that your data and infrastructure are secure from malicious entities.
    This includes balancing the cost of security measures with the importance of data confidentiality and access control.
    Multi-layered cybersecurity solutions can then be implemented as part of an integrated cybersecurity plan, reducing risk and ensuring that personnel and customers alike feel secure when using online services.
    Our Cyber Security Services and Solutions include:
    • Ongoing threat intelligence & protection
    • 24/7 system monitoring
    • 24/7 incident response
    • Robust cloud security
    • Penetration testing
    • Device security and management
    • Network security
    • Firewall setup and monitoring
    • Automated data backup and recovery
    • Endpoint security
    • Advanced antivirus software
    • Cyber Essentials training and accreditation
    • Mobile Device Management
    Ctrig offers managed security solutions to deliver key functions of a security program as a service in order to protect you from cyber-attacks and these security programs are monitored and supported by our highly skilled team of IT technicians. With full-scale data protection, businesses can mitigate their risk against malicious threats and resume operations quickly with minimal stress. Whether it’s using an off sight cloud storage provider, local servers, or tape backups for incremental conversions, having the right cybersecurity partner equips any business with the tools needed to safeguard from any interruptions across all elements of IT infrastructure.
    A protected workstation (endpoint solution) is a necessary component of cybersecurity, and it can provide an additional layer of defense against cyber-attacks and any cyber threats against your business. Our ‘Protected Workstation’ endpoint solution ensures your end-user devices and servers are secured by our expert team, to maintain a secure platform whilst maintaining security for corporate data, personal information, and other sensitive data. The solution incorporates advanced anti-virus software, host and DNS firewall and filtering to protect against malicious applications and websites. Our business-grade solutions ensure that all end-users can safely work from any device, anywhere, at any time, thus allowing your business operations to run smoothly.
As a managed service provider of cyber security, security training is essential to ensure the safety of any business, no matter how small or large. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, employers must do their part to stay ahead of malicious activity. From basic cybersecurity protocols for employees to coaching higher-level staff members on industry standards and potential third-party risks associated with data sharing. With regular security training offered by cybersecurity professionals, you’ll be able to implement strategies and techniques that give your business reliable, comprehensive protection against potential risks. Ctrig delivers both instructor-led and online IT training to educate your staff on social engineering, human error, and the types of cyber-attacks that are used to launch an attack against your business’s critical infrastructure or to gain access to organisational systems or data.
At Ctrig, we understand that cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field, requiring dedicated maintenance and vigilance. Our teams are staffed by certified professionals who have a real passion for cybersecurity and use the most up-to-date techniques and technologies to ensure your data remains safe. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure all of your cybersecurity needs are met and you can trust us to provide the utmost security for your valuable data. We have expert threat hunters and security analysts that offer round-the-clock security monitoring of business platforms and devices for our clients against cyber attacks and developing threats. Unlike other top cyber security companies, Ctrig offer premium services for your business so that they can take advantage of unlimited cybersecurity support from our team of professionals 24/7/365.

We tailor cyber security solutions to fit your business needs and goals.